воскресенье, 25 мая 2008 г.


Occurrence of circuits has already taken place. Now, you see, they repeat. You see a shawl, a cloth, executed all in one and that
Pattern, again and again.
And all work of the author is a patience!
My favourite aunt when I resorted to it with opening,
Admired with color of a yarn (iris).
Really, a yarn modern
Has a wide range of color, but I was excited with anothers!
Any graphic figure can be connected.
It is necessary to think and present its way as the way, and
To connect.
Then to simplify it up to repeating algorithm,
Also it is ready!
Some vegetative national patterns have started to live the
Life, and I cannot come off them, so they are good in a product!
You change a corner of illumination and all varies!

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